Cost savings in parts cleaning

Your advantages compared to cold wash tables, brush tables, or bio-wash tables resp. A1 brake cleaners

  • Saved working time. Compared to cold, brush or bio-wash tables or A1 brake cleaners, our customers generally need 80-90% less working time and can also clean complex surfaces much more easily and quickly; this saves time and money.
  • Less chemistry. For cold and bio-washstands, chemical solutions have to be purchased on a regular basis, or entire pallets of A1 brake cleaners are required. In contrast, hot cleaners often do not require any chemicals at all. This saves costs and reduces environmental pollution.
  • Lower health risks and increased occupational safety: Cold and bio-wash tables as well as A1 brake cleaners emit aerosols that can cause dizziness and respiratory problems, sometimes vomiting and even fainting. This is not the case with hot cleaners, because they clean with the help of temperature and not with the help of chemicals.

Your advantages compared to high pressure cleaners

  • no protective clothing necessary
  • no cleaning in the yard
  • less working time
  • more comfortable and easier to use
  • no separate wet rooms with oil separation systems, therefore much lower investments
  • 90% less water and chemicals
  • correspondingly 90% lower disposal costs
  • higher cleaning quality, as even fine and small parts or cavities and interiors can be cleaned without problems
  • no splash-back and no splash water in the workshop
  • no rejects due to part breakage: low pressure protects surfaces and parts
  Water consumption Chemicals consumption
at 3% dilution
High pressure 20 - 25 l/minute =
1.200 – 1.500 l/hour
36 - 45 l/hour
Low pressure 1,8 – 2,8 l/minute =
108 – 168 l/hour
3 – 5 l/hour
Savings ca. 90% ca. 90%

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