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Cleaning is an important factor in working processes in modern industrial works. Besides of product quality it ensures the processing and especially safeguards the employee and environment.
The process of low-pressure hot cleaning was developed in the eighties by ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert) to protect the car mechanic when repairing brake systems from dangerous brake dust containing asbestos. Today this process, patented by ph-cleantec, represents the most universal method for cleaning brakes, machines and parts.

For many years this method has proven successful in different applications in car and truck workshops and also in the general industry.

Safe for humans and environment

The low pressure hot cleaning method is safe for the environment and the health of your employees. "The health risk was reduced by 99 % compared with conventional cleaners", says for example Mr. Dahm, Managing Director of cnc-multiservice and one of our content customers.

Please read many further customer comments to learn what other customers have to say about ph-cleantec products.

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After more than 15 years at the head of ph cleantec GmbH, Christoph Oster passed on the helm to Jesco von Kistowski, ph.D., who became the new owner and managing director per January 1, 2019.

As an option, some of our low-pressure hot cleaning devices can now be equipped with a stainless steel chassis, a stainless steel tub and stainless steel rolls. These options make the cleaning device more resistant to aggressive media and also allows it to be used under special environmental conditions.

The separate equipment serie ThermoDes could be used for the thermal sterilisation of emulsion, cooling water, cleaning media and process water. In the disinfection mode the medium is heated up to 65°C and thus the proportion of germs can be significantly reduced. The system is equipped with a heat recovery system so that the returned emulsion is cooled down and the energy consumption is reduced. The inlet temperature is monitored; thus the max. bath temperature can be adjusted by the customer. The power consumption is approx. 4 KW.

With the 1000 EK option the device technique can be expanded with a disinfection feature. For this, primarily existing components are used. In the disinfection mode the cooling lubricant is heated to approx. 65°C and thus the rate of bacteria is considerably reduced.
The system is eqipped with heat recovery so that the return emulsion is cooled down and the energy consumption is reduced. The inlet temperature is controlled, thus the max. bath temperature can be adjusted by the customer. Power consumption is approx. 4 KW.

The 800 SR series is based on the chassis of the 600 SR devices, but the collector as rotational part is larger and holds a greater volume. The devices are eqipped with a 4,8 KW heating and reach the max. temperature of approx. 90°C at a working pressure of 4 bar. The pressure is adjustable between 3-8 bar.

Optionally the series 1000 SR can also be equipped with a stainless steel collector option 1000 EW. The collector can be easily cleaned, is more robust and less sensitive to shocks and impacts.


Offers a simple and effective possibility for cleaning of different to access places or undercuts. Available in 850 mm and 1000 mm length.

For continuous adjustment of the device pressure at the lance.


Lance bracket SR-LH for the series 1000 SRE, 1000 SR und 1000 SRK

For holding the different lances on the device.  Set equipped by 3 holders and a fixing kit


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