Parts cleaning

Our cleaning devices work with low pressure - up to 7.5 or up to 14 bar - and high temperatures of up to 95°C. This makes them ideal for cleaning greasy and oily parts, and complex surfaces. Cleaning is done with water, to which an alkaline cleaning agent may be added if necessary, or with deionised water or acids, depending on the application.

The principle of operation is based on the high temperature: At 95°C, greasy and oily contaminants are dissolved quickly and efficiently. The low pressure is sufficient to remove the dirt without damaging parts.

Thanks to various nozzles, complex surfaces with cracks and grooves and even deep blind holes and cavities can be cleaned without any difficulties and without leaving any residues.

Depending on whether large or small parts are cleaned, different collection trays are used: Large parts are usually cleaned in separate collectors and with the SRK or SRE series units, small parts are mostly cleaned in the integrated collectors of the SR series or the SR towers. In both cases, the water can be recycled several times.

If no cleaning residues are to remain, e.g. if surfaces must be absolutely free of lime (circuit boards, precision mechanics, watch industry, visible surfaces), or for medical or bio-technical applications such as the production of artificial joints, our stainless steel units are ideal: They can also work with deionised water and even with acids.

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