Cleaning bicycles and motorbikes

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You rent out or repair mountain bikes, e-bikes or other bikes? Then please read on...


  • Professional cleaning of bicycles in rental and repair shops and in sports hotels
  • Professional cleaning of motorbikes in the workshop or rental business
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of two-wheelers:
    • from children's bikes to racing bikes
    • from mountain bikes to e-bikes
    • from mopeds to Harley Davidsons
  • Fast and efficient - as little expensive manual work as possible
  • Gentle - no damage to paintwork, spokes, gears, wheel hub, e-bikes batteries...
  • Low investment, low operating costs



Even in a professional environment, bicycles and motorbikes are still cleaned by hand, usually with a garden hose and flannel. This is time-consuming, especially in hard-to-reach places such as the wheel hub, gear shift, the inside of the brakes, ball bearings and gears, and often produces unsatisfactory results.

Alternatively, high-pressure cleaners are often used; however, this requires expensive cleaning systems with their own installations, up to and including high-pressure cleaners in a separate tiled cleaning room with its own drainage system – yet the results are not much better.



For the cleaning of bicycles and motorbikes, the low-pressure hot cleaning process - low pressure of up to 7.5 or 14 bar and high temperatures of up to 95°C - is combined with large collectors on which the bicycles are cleaned. For bicycles, collectors with a size of 265 x 130 cm are frequently used, but other sizes, e.g. for motorbikes, are also available.

In this way, all sorts of models can be covered, from children's bikes to cargo bikes or recumbents, and from mopeds to Harley Davidsons.

With the low-pressure hot cleaning process, dirt is removed quickly and easily even from hard-to-reach places such as the gear shift or the hubs, without causing any damage. The latter also applies to sensitive parts such as the hubs, from which no grease should be squeezed, and the batteries of e-bikes.

The associated collectors can stand on fixed feet or castors. The bicycle or motorbike can be pushed onto the collecrot via a ramp. The service water can be returned to the low-pressure hot cleaning unit and recycled.



  • Efficiency and quality: Substantial time savings due to fast and thorough cleaning:
    • High temperature and sufficient pressure enable fast and complete cleaning in a few minutes, including oily and greasy dirt.
    • Temperature-sensitive parts such as wheel hubs can be cleaned at lower temperatures.
    • Thanks to various lances and nozzles, efficient cleaning even of areas that are difficult to access or sensitive, e.g. battery of e-bikes, gear shifts, shock absorber systems, hubs...
    • Yet no damage to sensitive parts due to low pressure.
  • Optimum accessibility, hardly any space required: Devices and collectors are mobile and self-sufficient, and take up very little space; no separate washrooms required.
  • Efficient cleaning directly in the workshop: Minimal splash-back effects, no clouds of droplets, no aerosols, instead short distances:
  • Cleaning medium: Hot water without the addition of chemicals. Minimal costs for procurement and disposal, especially as process water can be reused X times.
  • Considerably more pleasant, faster and more efficient work than by hand.
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection: No chemicals means greater environmental compatibility, higher occupational safety and significantly lower costs.
  • Comparatively low investment, minimal space requirements, hardly any operating costs, but high efficiency and quality.


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