Cleaning in the marine industry

There are various applications in the marine industry:

Marinas and shipyards can use ph-cleantec's hot cleaning devices for cleaning private boats and ships, but also commercial trawlers and cutters. In particular, the very narrow interior spaces, the galley, the on-board toilets as well as the bilge, engine and engine compartment as well as the shafts can be ideally cleaned with our devices, as you can get into every crack with these devices, and very little water and usually no chemicals are required.

Harbour masters can lend the equipment to boat owners (for a fee), and shipyards can pre-clean and final clean the boats delivered to them.

In international shipping, i.e. for large ships and tankers, the berthing times in the ports are a decisive factor: Often berthing times need to be shorted to reduce port fees and increase journey times. Depending on the size of the ship, this can amount to many thousands of euros per hour (!). By using ph-cleantec's supplies, experience has shown that the time needed for cleaning engines, gears, shafts - in short, all moving and lubricated parts - can be reduced by 80-90%.

This opens up an enormous opportunity for service providers and shipyards that specialise in cleaning ships and tank cores and use ph-cleantec equipment: If they can carry out a ship cleaning in 30 hours instead of 36 hours, this is an enormous competitive advantage over the competition: These companies can work considerably faster, thus securing orders, and still offer more expensive services because the shipowner may save several hours of laytime.

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