Hot Cleaning in the Automotive and Transport Sector

ph-cleantec has been closely linked to the transport sector since its beginnings, and arose from a cooperation with Mercedes. At the time, the focus was on particularly gentle brake cleaning, and this is how the idea of cleaning with hot water and low pressure came about. In the meantime, ph-cleantec is recommended by many manufacturers for cleaning on and under the chassis, for example by Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Iveco, MAN...

The areas of application cover the entire transport sector, from motor vehicles to commercial vehicles and trucks, from trains, buses and trains, from bicycles to e-bikes and mountain bikes, from tanks to ships and helicopters - ph-cleantec offers the ideal solution.

Especially in parts cleaning and in comparison to cold wash tables, bio-wash tables and A1 brake cleaners, the advantages of our technology come into their own:

Your advantages

  • particularly fast and efficient cleaning often saves 80-90% of working time, especially on complex surfaces with grooves, cracks, blind holes, cavities, etc.
  • multiple recycling implies particularly low consumption of resources, especially of water and - if at all - of chemicals
  • mobile cleaning directly on or under the car body, i.e. no dismantling of parts and subsequent cleaning in the washroom
  • particularly environment- and health-friendly, i.e. also less sick leave and better occupational safety
  • low investment, as no washroom is necessary
  • pleasant to work with - simple hosing down instead of tedious "scrubbing".v

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