Customise your device for your applications: Our options

Options are accessories that are integrated into the device and therefore cannot be retrofitted later (or only at high cost). They should therefore be specified before purchasing the unit.

External suction
1000 ASR/ASE
1500 ASR/ASE

Allows the suction of a liquid from an external container, e.g. cooling lubricant from the tank of a tooling machine.

Temperature control
1000 ET

To regulate the outlet temperature at the spray nozzle or spray lance. Useful if you do not always want to work at 95°C.

Thermal disinfection
1000 EK

With the 1000 SR and 1000 SRE units, thermal disinfection can also be built in as an option. Combines cleaning and disinfection of your machine tool in a single unit.

Stainless steel collector
1000 EW

For higher demands: Stainless steel collectors are easier to clean, have a cleaner appearance and are more pleasant to use than standard collectors made of GRP.

Stainless steel chassis and castors
1000 EC and 1000 ER

For particularly high hygiene requirements, e.g. in the food and pharmaceutical industries, units can be supplied with a stainless steel chassis or wheels made of stainless steel and polyurethane.

Foot switch
1000 FU

Instead of using the spray gun, the unit can be operated with a foot switch so that work can be done with both hands.
Ideal for combination with two-handed brushing.

Dosing unit
1000 DE

Allows the addition of a precisely defined amount of cleaning concentrate, e.g. 3%. Useful if your cleaner is expensive, exact dosing is important or over-dosing must be avoided.

Rinsing unit
1000 SE-EX

For residue-free surfaces: Allows rinsing with deionised water to avoid washing stains from water or cleaning agent residues.

Double heaters
1000 DH

Allows to keep the working temperature of 95°C even when using pre-pressures from the water mains.

Zero-point transformer
1000 NP

For power grids without neutral conductors, especially in France

Custom colour
1000 WF

The units can be supplied in the RAL colour of your company.

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