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The SRE-Family

Units of the SRE family are perfect for machine cleaning and - in combination with a separate collector - for the cleaning of large parts.

The units are mobile and have an integrated 60-litre tank. Depending on the model, the tank can be filled with water, deionised water, acids, cooling lubricant or cutting oil. Thanks to the tank, the machines are independent from a permanent supply of the cleaning medium.

For machine cleaning, usually cooling lubricants or cutting oils are used. For parts cleaning, generally tap water is used, sometimes with the addition of an alkaline cleaning concentrate. With stainless steel equipment, also deionised water and acids can be used.


* 80°C at 12 bar; 95°C at 7,5 bar
Series 1000 7,5 bar 1,8 l/min 2 heating rods 400V, 16A
Series 1500 14 bar 2,8 l/min 3 heating rods 400V, 32A
Series 2000 14 bar 2,8 l/min 3 heating rods 400V, 32A
Stainless steel devices 12 bar* 1,8 l/min 2 heating rods 400V, 16A

Cleaning medium

Water (with or without alkaline cleaning agent)

Cooling lubricant
1000 SC
1000 SRE
1500 SRE
2000 SRE
Deionised water; acids 1000 ESE
Cutting oil 1000 OSE

Information on occupational health, safety, and the environment can be found here, and on costs here. Technical data for downloading is available here.

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