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The SR-Family

Devices of the SR family can be used universally: For parts cleaning, they have an on-top collector with sedimentation system and filtration. The cleaning medium can be recirculated, so that the units are particularly environment- and resource-friendly as well as cost-efficient. Similarly, cleaning tooling machines with their own cooling lubricant is possible without any problems. In addition, a thermal disinfection for your cooling lubricant can be built in as an option.

The units are mobile and have an integrated 60-litre tank. The tank can be filled with water or cooling lubricant; stainless steel units can also be operated with deionised water and acids. If necessary, cleaning concentrate can be added.

Due to the tank the SR devices are independent of a permanent supply of cleaning medium.


* 80°C at 12 bar; 95°C at 7,5 bar
Series 1000 7,5 bar 1,8 l/min 2 heating rods 400V, 16A
Series 1500 14 bar 2,8 l/min 3 heating rods 400V, 32A
Series 2000 14 bar 2,8 l/min 4 heating rods 400V, 32A
Stainless steel devices 12 bar* 1,8 l/min 2 heating rods 400V, 16A

Cleaning medium

  with collector with tower cabin
Water (with or without alkaline cleaning agent)

Cooling lubricant
1000 SR
1500 SR
2000 SR
1000 SR-Tower
1500 SR-Tower
Deionised water; acids 1000 ESR 1000 ESR-Tower

Information on occupational health, safety, and the environment can be found here, and on costs here. Technical data for downloading is available here.

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