Machine cleaning, particularly cleaning machine tools

No matter whether individual machines or entire production lines, and no matter whether packaging, food or machine tools need to be cleaned - our hot cleaners can be moved up to the machine wich need to be cleaned and, thanks to the integrated tank, can be cleaned on site. This makes the units simply ideal for your maintenance and servicing jobs, for retro-fitting or repair work, or simply for your daily cleaning jobs.

The process is particularly efficient for cleaning machine tools such as CNC milling machines, machining centres, band saws, grinding machines or lathes in the metal industry: For this purpose, the cooling lubricant is sucked in from the bath of the machine tool and heated, and the machine tool is cleaned with its own cooling lubricant, drilling water, or emulsion.

This means that no foreign substances are introduced into the machine tool. Thanks to the high temperature, even difficult areas, e.g. the tool magazine or the spindle, can be cleaned easily and in a short time. And thanks to the low pressure, there is no damage to sensitive parts such as sensors, lamps or cables.

This also applies to machine tools with cutting oil: The cutting oil can be filled into the tank of a 1000 OSE and the machine tool can be cleaned with its own cutting oil.

Our machines are not only used in the metalworking industry, but also in the food industry, e.g. in bakeries, dairies, cideries, in pasta and sausage production, even in coffee roasting plants. Our equipment is also used frequently and successfully in the chemical, pharmaceutical and MedTec/BioTec industries, as well as in automotive and commercial vehicle workshops.

Your advantages

  • Less working time: Customers report 80-90% less working time
  • Easy cleaning of difficult areas such as tool magazine, spindle or electric cables
  • No introduction of foreign substances, additives or chemicals, as cleaning is done with own coolant lubricant or own cutting oil
  • No additional costs for chemicals or disposal
  • Pleasant to work with - simple spraying with spray lance instead of tedious manual scrubbing

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