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Since mid-February 2018 we use a 1000 SR of ph-cleantec with the option “Thermal disinfection”. In addition to the machine cleaning with the low-pressure hot cleaning device we utilize this option prophylactically to disinfect the contents of the cooling lubricant tank of the tool machines. The cleaning and simultaneous disinfection is executed at our company’s premises according to a detailed plan. Considering the extremely hot temperatures in the recent months this allows us to reduce the use of biocides extremely or even do entirely without them since the “Thermal Disinfection” considerably minimizes the infestation with bacteria and fungi This environmental-friendly procedure reduces damage to staff and environment!

Messrs. Edelstahl Rosswag Pfinztal, Mr. Broschinski >> www.edelstahl-rosswag.de

When cleaning industrial plants the industrial service provider Piepenbrock more and more relies on the low pressure hot cleaning method. Comparatively low pressures up to max. 8 bar in connection with a high temperature lead to optimum cleaning results, describes the service provider. In the industrial cleaning expert´s view the advantages are obvious: "The low pressure hot cleaning can be used during operation. It protects the processed materials and consumes less water and cleaning chemicals than comparable proceedings". Large tool machines and conveyor belts in the food industry can also be cleaned just like small-scale filter systems or bearings. "The method can be used with or without addition of cleaning chemicals. Both variants finally are convincing with the clean result." (Extract of the Magazine Instandhaltung 04/2017)

Wolfgang Büsing, Piepenbrock Dienstleistungen >> www.piepenbrock.de

Our experience with the application of a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec can be briefly summarized. Whereas previously we required for the cleaning of a tool machine or loading magazine between 2 and 8 working days it is today a matter of 0,5 to 2 days with a significantly better result. Health risk was reduced by 99% compared with conventional cleaners. There are exclusively positive arguments in favour of the device.

Herr Dahm, Manager, CNC-Multiservice >> cnc-multiservice.de

Huttelmaier Schorndorf refits and modernizes tool machines. With the ph-cleantec low pressure hot cleaning technique we clean entire machines, machine groups as well as component parts. For this purpose we established a washing bay within our production. In comparison with the existing manual method we are considerably faster with the low pressure devices and we could significantly reduce the costs for chemicals and disposal. The acceptance by the employees is so great due to easy handling and the gentle cleaning method.

Christoph Kirsch Fa. Huttelmaier Schorndorf >> www.retrofit.de

We maintain and repair tool machines at customer´s location. Before we can start with our actual activity often the tool machines have to be cleaned first. For this purpose we use the low pressure hot cleaning technique from ph-cleantec for some time now. Because of the gentle process we can ensure that nothing is damaged in the machine and we can reach all places with the long lance. Thus we achieve an easy and effective cleaning in a little while in short: easy and genius.

IWS Sachs, Mr. Sachs >> www.iws-sachs.de

We use a 1000 SR with external exhaust system for the cleaning tasks in our production. Besides the already convincing performance when cleaning the tool machines with their cooling lubricant emulsion the device, quite currently, has proved itself excellently for the cleaning of the ceilings during a hall renovation. The oil mists of two hardening plants which had settled there for many years could be removed effortlessly and without excessive environmental pollution. A super result which we had not expected.

Mr. Wimmer, Manager of the mechanical production, Heyco-Werke Tittling

We use the low pressure hot cleaning technology of ph-cleantec. The device is daily in use for the most different tasks in the maintenance, the machine care as well as for production parts. Contrary to many other technical equipment my employees like to work with this device and use it intensively.

Norbert Grün, Firma Grün Mechanik >> www.gruen-mechanik.de

Since May 2008 a cleaning device type 1000 SR is used for nearly all cleaning tasks in our house. This concerns the cleaning of our tool-machines with emulsion as well as our conveyor technology and products for the silvicultural area with water and alkaline detergent. The results achieved with this device are convincing with every application anew. The availability of this technology in our house is very much estimated by my employees.

Haf Präzisionstechnik Marktoberdorf, Mr. Klaus Haf, owner and manager >> www.haf-cnc.com

In 1992 we have bought a cleaning device of ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert). This technology is still daily in use for the most different cleaning tasks in the workshop. This was one of my best investments during the last 20 years.

Hans Konrad, Trusheim, KFZ Trusheim Rosentahl-Rodal

We already use the low pressure hot cleaning technology of ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert) for many years in our automobile workshop for the most different cleaning tasks and we are still fully convinced of this technology.

Ernst Stahl, Autohaus Stahl GmbH

Since 2007 we meanwhile use in total 6 cleaning devices, types 1000 SR, 1000 SRE and 1000 SRK of ph-cleantec for the own interests of the operational maintenance as well as for the application by external service employees. We see a primary use of this technique in the really uncomplicated and efficient cleaning of the production installations operating with cooling lubricant emulsion during maintenance. Moreover, the parts cleaning bath is also used for repair activities on-site. Up to now often necessary way times to the washing bays – mostly not integrated in the production – are thus superfluous to a great extent. An aspect from which particularly the fast installation availability profits after a failure. The service engineers of the machinery manufacturers working here appreciate the availability of these cleaning devices very much.

AGCO GmbH Fendt, Mr. Wiesler, director of maintenance

We use a 1000 SR of ph-cleantec for parts and machine cleaning. In the past we have used cold-cleaning agents and we can say quite clearly now: The cleaning result is considerably better at every pollution degree. Moreover, cleaning is now no more a “punishing work” for my employees; with the 1000 SR everybody likes to do it. Often the device is placed and used directly next to the processing machine, while the next part is already running. Thus we completely save separate cleaning operations. We are also pleasantly surprised by the low water consumption. This, too, is an important reason for us to recommend this device.

Manfred Schmid Jesinghaus & Co. Maschinenbau GmbH >> www.jesinghaus.de

We preferentially use cleaning devices type 1000 SR of ph-cleantec GmbH for the cleaning of filter elements and complete filter plants both in our service vehicle as well as with various customers of our company. Due to the low pressure and the high temperature of this technique the cleaning work can be carried out very effectively and above all damage-free. The mobile device concept even allows executing the cleaning work directly at the assembly place of our filter plants, a fact which helps to save partly long way times and provides low machine interruptions by reduced cleaning times.

LTA Lufttechnik GmbH, Nordrach, Herr Geeren >> www.lta.de

In the past our service provider has cleaned the tool machines with the high pressure cleaner. The consequence was frequent failure of the plants after cleaning by damaged electronics, chips under theguide tracks, high water entry in the emulsion and other various problems. After we have changed over to ph-cleantec technology such occurrences have not appeared any more and nevertheless the cleaning is carried out in shortest time. In addition, we also use the device technology for the parts cleaning in the field of maintenance.

a. Rege in Eisenach; Herr Reiner Dziuballe, Manufacturing director

We use three devices of ph-cleantec for cleaning of tool machines operating with cooling lubricants for our industrial services. Besides enormous temporal advantages for regular machine cleaning this technique permits us to offer also preventive maintenance cleanings in short time windows which positively influence the stand-still times of the machines.

Firma Cleanteam GmbH, Laupheim, Volker Podschadel (Manager)

Besides the enormous advantages of handling, cleanness and duration it was very important to us that the risk of injuries when cleaning machines had been reduced to a large extent. Each person, who is regularly occupied with the cleaning of machines, knows about the dangerous job and the accidents, which could happen.

Firma Eichten Auw, machine overhauling, Retrofit, Mr. Eichten owner

We use 2 units 1000 SR. With these appliances we clean extremely dirty, oily and partly calcified spindle parts. We are highly satisfied with the cleaning results and should like to recommend this technique to potential customers.

Firma SMZ Spindelservice GmbH, Kernen, Mr. Zech, Manager >> www.smz-spindelservice.de

We have a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec for cleaning our tool machines as well as the peripheral equipment for machine maintenance. Compared to the former manual cleaning we now have found a quick, efficient and motivating cleaning technology.

Firma Pfeifer, Memmingen, Mr. Schmucker, Mechanical production >> www.pfeifer.de

We use the ph-cleantec machine mainly for machine cleaning and for preventive maintenance. The cleaning time is reduced considerably, the efficiency of the unit using hot water is excellent. Due to the low pressure the unit can also be used for cleaning electrical components (sensory systems, valves, motors, etc.) as far as they have the necessary IP-standard. We often ask ourselves: 'How was this cleaning job done before?' Since we mainly have coolant processing equipment, it is an enormous advantage to work with the corresponding hot emulsion. The emulsion as well as the contained soiling are a part into the normal cleaning process. Thus there are no extra cost for disposal. We are planning to buy another unit for the cleaning of production parts, as the results of tests we run had been very positive. The purchase cost will be amortized within short time.

Firma ABB Schweiz AG -- Interview with Mr. Hofer and Mr. Gangl

Parts cleaning:
"At the moment we are using both systems – cold cleaners and the ph-cleantec machines. However, since we have the new ph-cleantec units our employees prefer these machines, because they can use them without being affected by bad smell or any damage to their health."

Machine cleaning:
"For the cleaning of machines up to now we used it only one time, however with great success, with regard to speed and cleaning results."

Firma Sika Sarnafil -- Interview with Mr. Daniel Stifani, Process specialist in the central workshop

We already use two units 1000 SRE from ph-cleantec for cleaning jobs in the service of CNC-plants, resp. basic cleaning of tool machines, which have to be overhauled in our company. The easy handling and the mobility are a decisive advantage for this technology. The cleaning results of the machines, which have already been in use for many years, are convincing us day by day.

Firma RiWoTech, Winterbach, Mr. Wolf, Co-partner >> www.riwotech.de

We use a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec for parts cleaning in production as well as machine cleaning of our tool machines operating with cooling lubricant. The cleaning result reached with this machine convinces us each day again. We just can recommend – due to only positive experiences – this technology.

Firma Blum-Novotest production measurement technology, Ravensburg >> www.blum-novotest.com

With the introduction of the ph-cleantec technology there was a drastic change in the motivation of our employees to clean our production equipment. Our employees use the cleaning machines out of their own accord, due to the excellent cleaning results also at difficult to access points. Ph-cleantec has found a far-seeing solution for the cleaning requirements in our company.

Firma Homag Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen, Schopfloch, Mr. Wennagel, Production manager >> www.homag.de

We can shortly summarize our experiences with the 1000 SR from ph-cleantec: Whilst formerly we needed approx. 5 - 10 working days for cleaning of a tool machine, we now only need 1 – 2 days, and – at the same time – we get a considerable better result. Due to the mobility and flexibility it is also possible to take the machine to our customers, which in many cases is of an especial advantage!

MS-Industries Süßen, Tool machines service - trade, Mr. Sferruzza, Owner >> www.ms-industries.de

We use a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec for our services for well-known industrial companies in the Lake of Constance area. Especially for the cleaning of electrostatic filter units as well as tool machines operating with cooling lubricants this technique renders us excellent services.

Firma Riga GmbH, Mochenwangen, Mr. Riga, Manager, >> www.riga-gmbh.de

We use a 1000 SR for machine and parts cleaning. Also at difficult to access points we get cleanness at our tools, which comes up to the expectations of the most critical customers.

Firma Ossfeld, Ubstadt-Weiher, Mr. Schneider, Manager >> www.ossfeld.de

Due to the ph-cleantec low pressure cleaners we could reduce our solvents consumption, which was extremely high in the past, considerably, that means practically up to zero. Our whole product range will de degreased before painting only with this technology. In the meantime we have 2 ph-cleantec units in use and are very satisfied with them.

Firma Pallmann Zweibrücken Schredderanlagen Mr. Schaaf, Head of painting >> www.pallmann-online.de

We use the ph-cleantec technology with 4 car lifts, where brake and wheel jobs are executed based on efficiency pay. With the use of only one machine we could reduce the consumption/cost for brake cleaning sprays by approx. 80 %. Also we saved time for ways from workshop to wash-hall. At the same time we get better cleaning results and concerning job safety we have taken the right steps forward.

Autohaus Kloz, Fellbach, Mr. Renz, car Workshop >> www.autohaus-kloz.de

We use a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec for cleaning our filters from Colophony at the automatic soldering stations. Due to the high temperature and an alkaline cleaning agent we reach extremely good cleaning results with this technology.

Hechinger Electronic, Villingen-Schwenningen, Mr. Michna, head of production colophony >> www.hechinger-electronic.de

For cleaning of filters and (electro statics) we use a ph-cleantec machine with great success, which we purchased after demonstration and a testing period in our company.

Bristol Pneumatic machines and installations, Dombühl, Mr. Diez manager, >> www.bristol-dombuehl.de