References: What our customers are saying about our cleaning devices

"At Bharat Forge Daun, our focus lies in manufacturing forming tools for the European forging facilities within the Bharat Forge Group. Additionally, we specialize in machining forgings according to customer specifications, ensuring a seamless transition from production to the final product installation while upholding the highest standards of quality. Our commitment extends to the maintenance and servicing of our machine tools, essential for consistent performance.

We utilize ph-cleantec devices to effectively clean our machines, providing exceptional results even in removing stubborn dirt. Our attention was drawn to thermal disinfection by Chemische Werke Kluthe in Heidelberg, prompting us to implement a Thermo-EK system for disinfecting cooling lubricants. The outcomes have exceeded our expectations, leading to significant extensions in the service life of our coolant.

Previously, we changed our cooling lubricant annually, but since adopting the Thermo-EK, we've observed prolonged service life and reduced dependency on stabilizing agents. The thermal sterilization process has proven effective in restoring contaminated baths, eliminating the need for replacements. Notably, there have been no adverse effects on the coolant, affirming our decision to prioritize thermal sterilization over chemical stabilizers.

Based on our positive experiences, we confidently endorse ph-cleantec appliances for both machine cleaning and thermal sterilization."

Christoph Steffens, Head of Mechanical Production at Bharat Forge Daun

"At our company, the ph-cleantec cleaning device is mainly used for machine cleaning during repairs or VIs. The cleaning times have shortened significantly, the cleaning performance of the device is impressive in combination with the hot emulsion. Thanks to the low pressure, the device can also be used on electrical components (Beru`s, valves, motors, etc.), as long as they have the necessary IP class for splash water areas! We often ask ourselves: 'How did we do that in the past?'
Since we have mainly central cooling water treatment plants, it is an enormous advantage to clean with the respective hot emulsion. The emulsion as well as the dirt it contains are fed into the normal cleaning process. This eliminates additional disposal costs !
We are considering to purchase another unit also for the cleaning of production parts, since tests in this respect were also very positive. The purchase has paid for itself within a short time. We can only recommend the ph-cleantec cleaning device."

Company ABB Switzerland AG -- Interview with Mr. Hofer and Mr. Gangl

"Since 2007, we are now using a total of 3 cleaning devices of the type 1000 SR from ph-cleantec for our own needs in operational maintenance as well as for use by external service staff. We see a main application of this technology in the extremely uncomplicated and efficient cleaning of the cooling lubricant emulsion leading production plants in the course of the maintenance. In addition, the parts cleaning level is also used on site in our repair workshop. The previously often necessary travel times to the washing stations - which are usually not situated in the production - can thus be largely eliminated, a point which particularly benefits the rapid system availability after a breakdown. The service technicians of the machine manufacturers deployed here in-house very much welcome the availability of these cleaning systems."

AGCO GmbH Fendt, Mr. Wiesler, Maintenance Manager

"Since mid-February 2018, we have been using a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec with the thermal disinfection option. In addition to machine cleaning with the low-pressure hot cleaning device, we use this option prophylactically to sterilize the contents of the cooling lubricant tank of the machine tools. Cleaning and simultaneous sterilization is carried out in our company according to an elaborated plan. Particularly during the hot temperatures that have persisted for months, we have been able to significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the use of biocides, since thermal disinfection significantly reduces bacterial and fungal infestation! In this way, this environmentally friendly process places less of a burden on personnel and the environment."

Company Edelstahl Rosswag Pfinztal, Mr. Broschinski;


"In the cleaning of industrial plants, the industrial service provider Piepenbrock increasingly relies on the low-pressure hot cleaning process. Comparatively low pressures of up to a maximum of 8 bar combined with a high temperature lead to optimum cleaning results," describes the service provider. According to the industrial cleaning expert, the advantages are obvious: "Low-pressure hot cleaning can be used during ongoing operations. It is gentle on the materials being processed and uses less water and cleaning chemicals than comparable processes. " Large machine tools and conveyor belts in the food industry can be cleaned with it, as can small-scale filter systems or warehouses. "The process can be used with or without the addition of cleaning chemicals. With both variants, the clean result is convincing in the end."

Wolfgang Büsing, Piepenbrock Services (excerpt from the trade journal Instandhaltung 04/2017);


"Our experience with the use of a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec can be summarized briefly. Whereas we previously needed between 2 and 8 working days to clean a machine tool or loading magazine, today 0.5 to 2 days are sufficient for us, with significantly better results at the same time. The health risk has been reduced by 99% compared to conventional cleaners. Only positive points speak for the device."

Holger Dahm, Managing Director;


"Huttelmaier Schorndorf overhauls and modernizes machine tools. We clean entire machines, machine groups as well as separate parts with the ph-cleantec low-pressure hot cleaning technology. For this purpose we have set up a washing station within our production. Compared to the previous manual method, we are much faster with the low-pressure equipment and have been able to significantly reduce the costs for chemicals and disposal. The acceptance among the employees is very high due to the easy handling and the gentle cleaning method. "

Huttelmaier Schorndorf Company, Mr. Kirsch;

"We maintain and repair CNC machine tools at the customer's site. Before we can start our actual work, in many cases we first have to clean the machine tools. For this purpose, we have been using the low-pressure hot cleaning technology from ph-cleantec for some time. The gentle process ensures that nothing in the machine is damaged and we can reach everywhere with the long lance. Thus, we achieve a simple and effective cleaning in a short time ... in summary : simple and ingenious!"

IWS Sachs, Mr. Holger Sachs, owner;


"We have been using the low-pressure hot cleaning technology from ph-cleantec since 2007. We use the device daily for a wide variety of tasks both in maintenance, machine care and for production parts and, unlike some other operating technology, the system is used gladly and intensively by my employees."

Grün Mechanik Company, Norbert Grün, owner;


"We bought a cleaning device from ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert) in 1992 and still use this technology daily for a wide variety of cleaning tasks in the workshop. This was one of my best investments in the last 20 years."

Hans Konrad, Trusheim, KFZ Trusheim Rosentahl-Roda

"We have been using the low-pressure hot cleaning technology from ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert) for many years in our automotive workshop for a wide variety of cleaning tasks and are still fully convinced by the technology."

Autohaus Stahl GmbH, Ernst Stahl;


"In our company, a cleaning device type 1000 SR has been used for almost all cleaning tasks since May 2008. This concerns both the cleaning of the machine tools with emulsion as well as our conveyor technology and our products for the forestry sector with water plus alkaline cleaner. The results achieved with this device are convincing every time it is used, and my employees rate the availability of this technology in our company very highly."

Haf Präzisionstechnik Marktoberdorf, Klaus Haf, Owner and Managing Director;


"In our company, a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec has been used since the fall of 2009 both to degrease our engine assemblies before wet painting and to clean our machine tools using the cooling lubricant. The results we have achieved confirm time and again that we are on the right track with this technology. We will also be able to use this cleaning device intensively for our move to the new premises."

Schwarz Elektromotoren Kirchenlamnitz, Mr. Schwarz, Managing Director;


"For half a year we have been using a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec in parts and machine cleaning. Before that we used cold cleaners and now we can clearly say: The cleaning result is much better, at any degree of contamination. In addition, cleaning is no longer "punishment work" for my employees; with the 1000 SR, everyone is happy to do it. The device is often placed directly next to the processing machine and used there while the next part is already running. In this way, we save on separate cleaning operations altogether. We are also pleasantly surprised by the low water consumption. This is another important reason why we are happy to recommend this device to others."

Jesinghaus & Co. Maschinenbau GmbH, Manfred Schmid;


"We prefer to use cleaning devices of the type 1000 SR from ph-cleantec GmbH for the cleaning of filter elements and complete filter systems, both in our service vehicle and at various customers of our company. Due to the low pressure and the high temperature of this technology, the cleaning work can be carried out very effectively and, above all, damage-free. The mobile equipment concept even allows cleaning work to be carried out directly at the installation site of our filter systems, a circumstance that helps to save extensive travel time in some cases and, among other things, ensures low machine downtime due to reduced cleaning times."

LTA Lufttechnik GmbH, Nordrach, Mr. Geeren;


"We use three devices from ph-cleantec for cleaning machine tools carrying cooling lubricants in the course of our industrial services. In addition to enormous time benefits in regular machine cleaning, this technology now enables us to offer preventive maintenance cleaning in short time windows, which positively influences machine service life."

Cleanteam GmbH, Laupheim, Volker Podschadel, Managing Director

"Our service provider used to clean the machine tools with a high-pressure cleaner. The consequence was frequent breakdown of the machines after cleaning due to damaged electronics, chips under the guideways, high water ingress in the emulsion and other various problems. After we switched to the ph-cleantec technology, such incidents no longer occurred and cleaning still takes place within a very short time. In addition, we also use the equipment technology for parts cleaning in maintenance."

Rege Motorenteile GmbH, Eisenach; Mr. Reiner Dziuballe, Plant Technology Manager

"We have been using 2 of your type 1000 SR for more than a year. We use them to clean very dirty, oily and partly calcified spindle parts. We are extremely satisfied with the results achieved. We can only warmly recommend this technology!"

SMZ Spindelservice GmbH, Kernen, Mr. Zech, Managing Director;


"In addition to the enormous advantages in terms of handling, cleanliness and time input, it was also important for us that the risk of injury during machine cleaning was drastically reduced. Anyone who regularly cleans on and in a machine knows what unpleasant and lengthy accidents can happen."

Eichten Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Auw, machine overhaul and retrofit, Mr. Eichten, Owner

"We use a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec to clean our machine tools along with their peripherals in the course of factory maintenance. Compared to the manual cleaning we used before, we have found a fast, efficient and motivating cleaning technique for us."

Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH, Memmingen, Mr. Schmucker, Mechanical Production;


"We already use two devices 1000 SRE from ph-cleantec for cleaning in the course of our service operations on the CNC systems at our customers or for basic cleaning of machine tools to be overhauled at our company. The uncomplicated application and the mobility speak clearly for this technology. The results that can be achieved in a short time, even on machines that have been in operation for many years, convince us anew from day to day."

RiWoTech, Winterbach, Mr. Wolf, co-owner;


"We use a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec in our company both for production-accompanying parts cleaning and for machine cleaning of our cooling lubricant-lead machine tools. The status of cleanliness achieved from this use convinces us again and again. We can only recommend this technology based on our consistently positive experiences."

Blum-Novotest Fertigungs-Messtechnik, Ravensburg;


"With the introduction of ph-cleantec's cleaning technology, a noticeable change took place in the motivation of our employees to clean our own production facilities. With a simultaneous significant increase in plant availability, our employees - motivated by fast and good results even in hard-to-reach places - now clean on their own initiative and ambition. ph-cleantec has been very prudent in adapting the design of the cleaning technology to the requirements of our company."

Homag Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen, Schopfloch, Mr. Wennagel, Production Manager;


"We use a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec in the course of our service offer at well-known industrial companies in the Lake Constance area. Especially for cleaning electrostatic filter systems as well as machine tools carrying cooling lubricant emulsion, this technology provides us with excellent services."

Riga GmbH, Mochenwangen, Mr. Riga, Managing Director;


"We use a 1000 SR for machine and parts cleaning. In this way, we achieve a cleanliness status even in the hard-to-reach areas of our workpieces that satisfies even our very critical clients. In machine cleaning, we benefit from the high cleaning performance, especially at the pallet stations."

Ossfeld Company, Ubstadt-Weiher, Mr. Schneider, Managing Director;


"Our experience with the use of a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec can be summarized very briefly: Whereas we previously needed between 5 and 10 working days to clean a machine tool manually, today 1 to 2 days are sufficient for us, with significantly better results at the same time. The high degree of mobility and flexibility also enable us to take the machine with us to our customers' sites, which is often an advantage that should not be underestimated!"

MS-Industries Süßen, Machine Tool Service - Trade, Mr. Sferruzza, Owner;


Parts cleaning: "Currently, we still use both systems - cold cleaner and the ph-cleantec device. But since we have the ph-cleantec device, the majority of our employees already use it, because it allows them to clean without odour and health hazards and also much faster."
Machine cleaning: "We have only used the device once for cleaning machines, but with convincing success in terms of speed and cleaning effect."

Sika Sarnafil Company -- Interview with Mr. Daniel Stifani, process specialist central workshop

"We have been able to reduce our solvent consumption - which was immense in the past - to practically zero with ph-cleantec's low-pressure hot cleaning equipment. Our entire product range is now only degreased using this technology before painting.
In the meantime, we have 2 devices from ph-cleantec in use and are very satisfied."

Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Zweibrücken, shredder machines, Mr. Schaaf, paint shop manager;


"We use technology from ph-cleantec on four platforms where brake and wheel work is carried out on a performance wage basis. By using a single device, we have been able to reduce consumption and the cost of purchasing and disposing of brake cleaner sprays by over 80%. The time spent traveling between the workshop and the car wash has also been noticeably reduced. On a very positive note, we are also achieving better results at the same time and have taken a clear step in the right direction in terms of occupational safety."
Autohaus Kloz, Fellbach, Mr. Renz, Service Manager;


"We use a 1000 SR from ph-cleantec to clean our filter units from the automatic soldering stations, which are contaminated with collophonium. Due to the high temperature and an alkaline cleaner, we achieve very good cleaning results with this technology."

Hechinger Electronic GmbH & Co.KG, Villingen-Schwenningen, Mr. Michna, Operations Manager;


"For cleaning filter elements (including electrostats), we get along very well with a system from ph-cleantec (low-pressure hot cleaner) after demonstration and testing in-house."

Bristol T&G International GmbH, Dombühl, lufttechnische Geräte und Anlagen, Mr. Diez, Managing Director;


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