Cost efficiency – protect your finances

Environmental protection and occupational safety are usually associated with additional costs. With ph-cleantec the opposite is the case:

  • When cleaning parts and machines, you only need a fraction of the working time compared to other methods - our customers often save 80-90% on working time; this reduces personnel costs.
  • You can clean even complex surfaces - blind holes, cracks, cavities, etc. - quickly and efficiently.
  • You save water, waste water and chemicals, and possibly also biocides;
  • In the case of degreasing for powder coating, several process steps can be carried out in one operation - you save working time, compressed air, and chemicals, with full process reliability
  • You reduce the costs for regular maintenance and servicing if your (tooling) machines are well looked after
  • In the case of thermal disinfection, you can reduce the costs for procurement and disposal of cooling lubricant through a longer life span of the coolant;
  • You reduce machine downtimes by working in bypass mode
  • You reduce health risks from chemicals and biocides, and thus tend to reduce sick leave;
  • You motivate your employees when machines are clean, parts are cleaned quickly and emulsions no longer smell so bad.

Due to the cost savings, our devices often pay for themselves within a few months – run the numbers and you will see.

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