Thermal disinfection of cooling lubricants


The life of cooling lubricants depends amongst others things on the bacterial attack. A heavily contaminated cooling lubricant leads to performance decrease and is harmful for the employees and the system. Biocides or fungicides which are currently used against the bacterial attack are expensive and may result in health risks. The new CLP regulations have tightened the classification of such substances and restricted the usage.

Thermal disinfection by means of ph-cleantec low pressure hot cleaning technique:

The ph-cleantec cleaning method works with low pressure and high temperatures and is very often used amongst others  for gentle and efficient cleaning of tool machines. As medium the cooling lubricant in the machine is used.

With the option 1000 EK the device technique can also be upgraded with a disinfecting function. For this, primarily, existing components are used. In the disinfection mode the cooling lubricant is heated up to 65°C and thus the proportion of germs can be significantly reduced. The system is equipped with a heat recovery system so that the returned emulsion is cooled down and the energy consumption is reduced. The inlet temperature is monitored; thus the max. bath temperature can be adjusted by the customer. The power consumption is approx. 4 KW.

Advantages of the thermal disinfection 1000 EK

  • Gentle disinfection of the emulsion
  • No expensive and harmful biocides are necessary
  • The system can be used in bypass mode during active operation. The intake temperature is monitored
  • Universal device which, in addition to the disinfection, also allows the gentle and efficient cleaning of tool machines as well as in the maintenance.
  • >>> Thus a tool machine can be completely cleaned prior to refilling and the breeding ground for quick bacterial attack is eliminated.

Technical requirements

The option 1000 EK requires a low pressure hot cleaning device of the series 1000 SR with option 1000 ASR or 1000 SRE with option 1000 ASE.

Technical data 1000 EK
Water volume disinfection 360 l/h
Power consumption 4 KW
Temperature disinfection 65°C
Temperature return flow Max. 50°C
Adjustable temperature inflow (bath temperature) 30 – 50°C
Filtering to protect the device components (Suction from the clean tank of the emulsion) 25µm

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