Low pressure cleaner for industrial applications

1000 SRK

Mobil, in compact design, without tank. Permits drawing-in of liquids from a separate tank (AS) or works with direct water supply (EA)

Details 1000 SRK


Mobile, compact design without tank. The unit permits to suck the liquid  directly from large-sized tanks or tool machines and to disinfect the fluid in bypass. 

Details ThermoDes-5

1000 SC

Mobile universal hot cleaner for Brakes and sectional chassis cleaning

Details 1000 SC

1000 SR

Mobile universal low-pressure hot cleaner with cleaning bath for parts and machines.

Details 1000 SR

1000 SRE

Mobile hot cleaner for machines and large parts (in combination with a washstand)

Details 1000 SRE

1000 OSE

Machine cleaning system for tool machines with cutting oil up to 12 bar and for viscosities up to 150 cSt and 20° C.

Details 1000 OSE

1000 ESE

Mobile low pressure hot cleaning device with integrated tank. Parts in contact with media are acid-resistant or resistant to demineralised water (V2A)

Details 1000 ESE

1500 SR-DP

Mobile universal low pressure hot cleaning device with cleaning bath for parts, with increased pressure and heating power up to 14 bar and 95° C

Details 1500 SR-DP

1500 SRE-DP

With increased pressure and water efficiency for mobile machine cleaning; in combination with a washstand for large components.

Details 1500 SRE-DP

1000 SR Tower

The application is appropriate in sensitive surroundings respectively for complex components.

Details 1000 SR Tower

1000 KW-FP

With waste water recycling. For applications at the vehicle and under the vehicle (i.e. in the pit)

Details 1000 KW-FP

1000 SRS

Stationary washstand with water recycling and mobile hot-cleaner 1000 SRE resp. SRE-DP; in different sizes and for different loads

Details 1000 SRS