Dosing pumps

Defined dosing by means of dosing pumps on cleaning devices for industrial applications


The dosing pumps allow, depending on the pump selection, a defined addition of alkaline cleaning accelerators (s.b.). In particular, this often is a compelling necessity in the context of degreasing prior to painting.

With the option DE-ÜW the dosing pump and the concentrate tank can be monitored. This ensures that neither the cleaner tank is empty nor the dosing pump stops working and thus the cleaner dosing fails unnoticed.


Dosing pump selection

Device Type Output
1000 SR/SRE - DH DE – DH 0 – approx. 6 %
(pre-pressure <= 7 bar
flow rate 8 l/h)
1000 SR/SRE - DP DE – DP 0 – approx. 13 %
(pre-pressure <= 2 bar
flow rate 25 l/h)

Technical modifications reserved.

Device selection 1000 SR-DP, pump output max. 180 l/h. Subject degreasing prior to painting with exactly 5 l cleaner 9 l/h DE-DP