800 SR

Technical data universal low pressure cleaner 800 SR

Mobile – with cleaning bath for cleaning parts and water recycling by the use of a sedimentation unit and 2 filters with filter monitoring. Adjustable pressure between 3 -8 bar. 4,8 KW heater performance. At 4 bar the medium temperature is appr. 90°C at 8 bar appr.  70°C.

Technical data 800 SR
Working pressure adjustable 3 – 8 bar
Spray/water volume 0,8 – 1,3 l/min
Operating temperature 90° C in 60 sec at a pressure of 4 bar
70° C at a pressure of 8 bar
Type of current 3P-N-PE/400V/50Hz
Nominal power consumption heater 5 KW
Fill quantities:
Fresh water
25 liter

30 liter
Connection cable 5 m
Spray hose lance
Spray hose pistol 2 m
Dimensions (LxWxH) 92x60x124 cm
Dimensions cleaning grid (LxW) 74x56 cm
Weight empty approx. 60kg
Filtering 25 µm
Noise level <70 dBA
Load capacity of the collector approx. 50 kg
Filter monitoring
Pressure adjustment
GEKA connection
Temperature adjustment
Emptying collector
Concentrate tank
Interchangeable inserts
Water recycling

Technical modifications reserved.


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