1000 SRK

Technical data universal low pressure cleaner 1000 SRK

1000 SRK - Side view

Mobile, compact design without tank. The unit permits either to suck the liquid directly from large-sized tanks or tool machines, or can be connected with an external water tap (pre - pressure).
The model 1000 SRK-AS-EA combine the two variants. The change between the suction and external supply happens via a three-way valve Min. pre-pressure 3 bar, max. 6 bar. At pressure ranges (total pressure) higher than 8 bar, the heater performance is restricted.


Technical data universal low pressure cleaner 1000 SRK

Technical data 1000 SRK-EA 1000 SRK-AS
Working pressure approx. ca. 3-8 bar + prepressure approx. 3 – 7,5 bar
Spray/water volume ~ 1,1 - 2,4 l/min ~ 1,1 - 1,8 l/min
Operating temperature ~ 95 °C in 60 sec 
max. 8 bar
~ 95 °C in 60 sec
Type of current 3P-N-PE/400V/50Hz,16 A 3P-N-PE/400V/50Hz,16 A
Nominal power consumption 10 KW 10 KW
Main power cable 5 m 5 m
hose lance 5 m 5 m
Pistol with quick change coupling device Standard with 600 mm lance Standard with 600 mm lance
Size (HxWxD) 92x48x45 cm 92x48x45 cm
Water supply External Connection (pre-pressure) Suction process
Weight approx. 48 kg approx. 55 kg
Filtration 25 µm
Noise level <70 dBA <70 dBA
Pressure adjustment
Garden connection
Temperature adjustment
Special deairing process
Dosing of cleaning agent Option metering pump
Exchangeable inserts
Suction hose 5 m

Technical modifications reserved.


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