1000 SRE with option EK

Technical data low pressure Hotwasher 1000 SRE

Mobile, for machine cleaning, with stepless pressure control and start-stop-operation via the spray pistol. For cleaning functions and technical data see flyer below.

The device can be equipped with several options and accessories. With Option 1000 EK you can suck coolant lubricant from the tank of a tooling machine and disinfect it. Capacity 6 liters per minute.


Technical data

Technical data universal low pressure cleaner 1000 SRE
Technical data 1000 SRE
Adjustable operating pressure approx. 3 – 7,5 bar
Spray/water flow rate ~ 1,1 – 1,8 l/min
Operating temperature ~ 95 °C in 60 sec
Type of current 3P-N-PE/400V/50 cps
Nominal power consumption 10 KW
• Fresh water tank
• Detergent tank
• Bath
60 liter
5 liter
Connecting cable 7,5 m
Spray hose lance 5m
Dimensions (LxWxH) 71x50x70 cm
Weight (empty) approx. 55 kg
Water recyling
Noise level <70 dBA
Adjustable pressure
GEKA connection
Temperature adjustment
Tank empying
Concentrate reservoir
Changeable inserts

Technical modifications reserved.


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