Pipe cleaning station RRS


The cleaning efficiency is generated with a low pressure hot water cleaning device of the production series 1000 SRE or 1000 SRE-DP. A pressure up to max. 14 bar and a water temperature up to 95°C assure an optimal cleaning result. As support an alkaline cleaning agent can be added, which also has corrosion protective qualities. The high temperature is generated by means of an electrical flow heater; therefore the device is immediately available.



A compact cleaning cell can be integrated into the existing parts handling. Within the cleaning cell spray nozzles are arranged in such a way that the component geometries are rinsed off during circulation. The arrangement of the nozzles can simply be adapted to different diameters or component dimensions. The cell is closed outwards. In addition, a compressed air-operated blow-off station can be integrated into the cleaning unit so that the components leave the station in dry condition.




Below the cleaning cell there is a collector. The used water flows from the cleaning cell into the collector and has there in calm surroundings the possibility to precipitate. Solids sink to the ground and oil rises to the surface. A mounted-on belt skimmer ensures that the oils are gathered and removed. Thus the durability of the industrial water can be extended considerably.



•An easy conception ensures a moderate investment and facilitates an immediate realization.
•No additional handling of the parts – for ex.: in a washing machine - necessary
•In case of pre-cleaning of components the machine stop periods as well as media which are necessary and which have to be disposed of can be reduced.
•Compact plant which can easily be integrated into the existing process
•Low consumption of resources
•Cleaning device can be disconnected from the station and be used for example for the machine cleaning with cooling lubricant
•The station can be cleaned with own plant

Technical data universal low pressure cleaner 1000 SRE / 1000 SRE-DP

Technical data 1000 SRE 1000 SRE-DP
Working pressure approx. 3,0 – 7,5 bar approx. 3,5 – 14 bar
Spray/water consumption approx. 1,0 – 1,8 l/min approx. 1,2 – 2,8 l/min
Operating pressure 95°C in 60 sec 95°C in 60 sec
Pressure adjustment
Gardena-connection piece
Temperature adjustment
Interchangeable items

Technical modifications reserved


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