1000 KW

Water collector for utility vehicle workshop


Multi-Collector type 1000 KW increases the applications of our hot cleaners. The water collector, which is situated near to the ground, can be located under the brakes or can be used in the pit. Due to adjustable wheels the collector can be adapted to different pit widths. Thus the gentle cleaning technique can both be used for cleaning jobs at the vehicles as well as under the vehicles.


In connection with option 1000 KW-A the multi-collector can be attached on our cleaners type 1000 SC or 1000 SRE and is thus usable as mobile washing table.


The version 1000 KW-FP allows to work in a circulation. The used water gets recycled through a filter. Including a pump, 1 filter and a level controller.

The model 1000 KW-FK offers the opportunity to collect, store and refill the coolant automatically back in the truck. Including a 25 μm filtration system.