1000 KW-FP

Slop collector 1000 KW-FP with used water recycling


Large glass fiber slop collector mounted on a special deep-seated chassis. with push handle and robust grid, for manual emptying.

With integrated automatic emptying system, level control and fine filter System inclusively robust grid with slosh baffle.

For applications under the car (in the pit) and on the floor.


Technical data

Technical data slop collector 1000 KW-FP
Technical data 1000 KW-FP
Overall filling capacity approx. 80 liter
Movable volume without risk of overflowing approx. 50 liter
Delivery pump head ~ 4 m
Flow rate ~ 8-10 l/min
Filter 25 µm
Power specification 1P-N-PE/230V/50Hz
Dimensions 930 mm x 630 mm x 220 mm
Capacity 0,35 KW
Load 80 kg
Level control electronic

Technical modifications reserved.


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