ph-cleantec - low pressure hot water cleaner

You get a high pressure cleaner from everywhere ...
... but not a low pressure cleaner

An extensive range of devices provides customers with the adequate hot cleaner for the relevant application. Ranging from brake cleaning to  machine cleaning or system cleaning, component degreasing or universal cleaning in the maintenance the ph-cleantec devices are "all-rounders". Our devices convince by high functionality as well as simple and robust construction. They are ergonomic and offer a high level of mobility and flexibility.

For parts cleaning - due to the different collector constructions and the low pressure - you can clean gently and without splash back effects or damages from "thimble-sized" components up to heavy tools and large parts, everything with the same device in the workshop.

Our technology

  • Low pressure from 3-8 bar (max. 14 bar option)
  • High water temperature up to 95° C after approx. 1 minute heating time
  • Electrical flow heater only heats the outflowing medium
  • Water recycling system for any collector size by means of special sedimentation and separation procedure
  • Addition of alkaline cleaning Agent - also with temporary corrosion protection - is possible
  • Optionally an operation with VE-water or acid is possible
  • Mobile by heavy-duty and lockable wheels
  • Wide range of exchangeable tools

Your advantages

  • Universal cleaning method
  • Safeguards health and protects the environment
  • User-friendly design
  • Mobile concept
  • High efficiency through:
  • >> shorter cleaning times
  • >> less use of materials
  • >> cheaper disposal costs
  • >> lowest storage and security costs
  • No splash back effects
  • Adjustable pressure for large and very small parts
  • High ease of use
  • Better working results
  • No damage to sensitive components