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Die ThermoDes-Familie

The ThermoDes-Family

Devices of the ThermoDes family are used for the thermal disinfection of cooling lubricants in particular. The coolant from the tank of the machine tool is sucked in, thermally disinfected and returned to the tooling machine. This can extend the service life of the coolant and reduce the costs for the coolant and its removal. The less frequent replacement of coolant lubricant also means that the tooling machine tools has less standstill times. Above all, biocides can be dispensed with, thus increasing occupational safety and reducing sick leave.

The devices are mobile and can therefore be transported from tooling machine to tooling machine.

The results of the thermal disinfection are convincing - here you will find an evaluation of previous results with more than 100 customers and a technical paper on the subject of thermal disinfection.


ThermoDes-5 5 l/min = 300 l/h 400V, 16A
1000 SR with Option EK 6 l/min = 360 l/h 400V, 16A
1000 SRE with Option EK 6 l/min = 360 l/h 400V, 16A


Download data sheet

1000 SR with Option EK

Download data sheet

1000 SRE with Option EK

Download data sheet