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Standard nozzle: The devices are equipped with the standard spray nozzle with splash guard.
Stainless steel nozzles: Most nozzles can also be supplied in stainless steel. For use with acidic media and deionised water.

Standard spray nozzle

with splash protection, spray jet flat 25° fanned, L= 225mm

Thin nozzle

for deep holes, diffused spray jet, D= 4mm, L= 245mm

Needle jet nozzle

with splash protection, jet nozzle with D= 1mm, L= 225mm

Hollow cone nozzle

spray jet ca 120°, L= 195 mm

Slim nozzle

or deep holes, spray jet flat 25°, L= 210mm

Flexible nozzle

for this holes and drill holes, spray jet on the side, 2 x 180°, L= 510mm

Thin electorstat nozzle

spray jet diffused to the sides, 4 x 90°, L= 355mm

Brush nozzle

spray jet diffused, L= 140mm

Stainless steel brush nozzle

spray jet diffused, L= 125mm

Adapter for Mink brushed

in variable configurations

Brush plate Mink

incl. Adapter, D= 45mm, L= 90mm

Off-center nozzle with high performance for surfaces

for 1000/1500 SR/ESR; Lower pressure and temperature at higher water throughput. Asymmetric. L= 210mm

Needle jet nozzle

from 4 bar, with splash protection, outside diameter = 2,5mm, L= 90mm

Holder for ten spray inserts

stainless steel, L=400mm