New Managing Director at ph cleantec GmbH

After more than 15 years at the head of ph cleantec GmbH, Christoph Oster passed on the helm to Jesco von Kistowski, ph.D., who became the new owner and managing director per January 1, 2019.


Jesco von Kistowski grew up in Bonn, studied in Germany, France and the US, and spent over 25 years in the energy sector, mostly in international energy trading and sales. Previously he was ma­na­ging director of EconGas GmbH in Vienna (now part of OMV group) resp. of his own consul­tan­cy boutique, Power & Gas Solutions GmbH. Several times he was asked to set up and develop foreign sub­sidiaries of large corporations, and he now wants to use this experience to continue the growth path of ph cleantec of the last few years.

Regarding the product line of ph cleantec he states:

„More than anything else it was the impressive quality, the far-ranging applications, and the environ­mental friendliness of our products that convinced me – for parts cleaning, degreasing before varni­shing, in the maintenance or for the cleaning of entire machi­nes resp. at and under the vehicle there are simply no better methods that stand up to ph cleantec’s products. And yet our machines only use a fraction of the water and hence the cleaning agents of traditional methods. This helps the environment, but also our customers who can reduce their costs significantly.

Rarely in my life have I seen a product line that is so impressive and where one can say with a clear conscience: These products are a stroke of genius, and that in every respect: Customer benefit, tech­nical efficiency, multiple purpose, cost savings for the customer, and environmental friendliness. With ph cleantec that’s the case – these products are really convincing.”

Jesco von Kistowski is married, has three children, and speaks German, English, and French fluently.