About ph-cleantec

In 1987 ph-cleantec was founded under the name of “Schickert special cleaning machines” with the priority on brake cleaning in automotive workshops.
Until the end of the 1990 years, our focus was on the cleaning applications in the car and commercial vehicle workshop. We are represented with our technology in the hand books of the most important automobile manufacturers.
Today, our low pressure hot cleaning devices are used successfully in various industry sectors. More than 10,000 machines were sold worldwide. (What our customer say)
Our list of references contains two-men companies but also well-known groups of different industries.

The entrepreneurial alignment of ph-cleantec is focused of continuous development of our gentle cleaning procedure. The product line as well as the applications increase steadily.
In 2007 a rebranding of the company took place and so the name Schickert was changed in ph-cleantec GmbH hot cleaners for workshop and production.
Our company has increased continuously in the recent years; In the beginning of 2017 we expanded our production area by additional 25 %.
Our main statement is grounded in our logo: "clean and safe performance".This statement does not only emphasize the efficiency of our cleaning procedure, but also the environmentally and health-friendly method, which mainly works due to physical laws than with used chemistry.This is also what the environmental logo stands for.