About ph-cleantec

Dr. Jesco von Kistowski

Dr. Jesco von Kistowski
Managing Director

ph-cleantec GmbH

ph-cleantec GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Fellbach next to Stuttgart (previously Schickert GmbH) and produces cleaning devices for various industry segments for over 30 years. ph-cleantec specialises in the cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces with low pressures but high temperatures, and offers highly efficient and yet inexpensive solutions for your applications.

Our low pressure hot temperature cleaning devices are used successfully in the most varied segments. The devices are mobile, can be used inside, and range from simple devices for use in a work shop all the way to top-of-the-line machines in stainless steel which comply with even the highest hygiene standards. Our strengths are:

Our method is particularly environmentally and health friendly, and at the same time highly effi­cient: We work with 95°C hot water coupled with a gently pressure of up to 7.5 bar (devices of the 1000 series) or 14 bar (devices of the 1500 series) – sufficient to clean off persistent impuri­ties, yet gentle on fragile parts and surfaces.

For parts cleaning we use devices with collectors and a broad assort­ment of lances and nozz­les to reach even difficult blind holes, bore holes or crevices. The water is recycled, and cleaning agents can be added if necessary. In practice this means short processing times on one hand, and low disposal costs on the other.

Machines can be cleaned with hot water, or for tooling machines the emulsion can be heated up and used. This means perfect cleaning of the machine, including the tooling magazine, very short cleaning times, minimal standstill times, and no effort at all.

NEW is the thermal disinfection of coolant lubricants. This can achieve a significant prolongation of the lifespan of the emulsion. This also implies no smells, no machine stillstand, and no health problems because of biocides or chemistry, instead a significant cost reduction for purchasing and disposing coolant lubricants, and lower standstill times.

The original method of ph-cleantec – hot water combined with low pressure – was developed some 40 years ago together with Daimler-Benz to clean car and truck brakes. In the 90s it was recognized that this method is also perfect for cleaning machines, and that tooling machines in particular can be cleaned with their own emulsions. In the last two years another promising inno­vation was added to our portfolio: Thermal disinfection of coolant lubricants allows our customers to avoid expensive and unhealthy biocides, and to save significant costs at the same time.

Over the years over 10,000 machines were sold all over the world, and our references range from tiny comanies to large multinationals in all industry segments – the opinions of our customers can be found here. Our entrepreneurial goals include the further development of our gentle cleaning method, and the expansion of our foreign business. Because of this, both our applications and our product portfolio are growing year by year.