Sectional engine and chassis cleaning

Also in case of sectional cleaning of truck engines you save a lot of time and money. It is no longer required to go to the washing bay and to tilt the driver’s cab Forward and backward several times. With the ph-cleantec technology you are now in a position to carry out the required operation quickly in your workshop. The same also applies to radiators in buses, to swivel joints, retarders and so on. With the quickly changeable spray hose you are in a position to adapt to any situation without problems.



  • The car does not have to be driven to a separate washing bay
  • Time -saving
  • No damage to components as with high pressure
  • No water into motors and electronics
  • Dangerous “stable emulsions” not produced
  • No chemicals
  • Cleaning also at difficult to access points
  • Safeguard of environment
  • No problems with weather conditions

1000 SC

Mobile universal hot cleaner for brakes and machines as well as sectional chassis cleaning

Details 1000 SC

1000 KW-FP

With waste water recycling. For applications at the vehicle and under the vehicle (i.e. in the pit)

Details 1000 KW-FP

Sectional engine and chassis cleaning