Parts/components cleaning in car/truck workshops

In combination with fixed wash-stands ph-cleantec hot water low pressure cleaners are suitable for cleaning of parts and components.
The variable pressure adjustment enables the cleaning of delicate parts like „thimbles“ as well as large surfaces. The car does not have to be driven to a separate washing bay, parts can be cleaned “on site”. Supplemented by various spray accessories the most different cleaning tasks are possible.


  • Flexible
  • Mobile
  • Low water consumption
  • Low pressure
  • No splash-back effects
  • Economic
  • Effective
  • No chemicals
  • Safeguards health and environment
  • Adjustable pressure

1000 SR

Mobile universal low-pressure hot cleaner with cleaning bath for parts and machines.

Details 1000 SR

600 SR

Mobile universal hot cleaner with cleaning bath for parts (cleaning).

Details 600 SR

Parts/components cleaning in car/utility vehicle workshops