Coolant recycling in car/truck workshops


The usage of coolants is a real problem in truck Workshops regarding handling and disposal. The ph-cleantec coolant recycling collector offers enormous advantages. Collects the coolant during repair at the cooling circuit, deposits temporarily and provides for an un-crewed refilling.


Comparison of costs

  • Between 10 - 20 litres have to be refilled without recyling
    >>> 30,- to 60,- € / change
  • Manual filling between 10 - 15 min
    >>> 8,- to 15,- € /Change

Amortisation of KW-FK collector after approx. 40 changes


  • Easy handling of coolants
  • Ease of use
  • Better ergonomy
  • Coolants can be re-used
  • Economical and quick

1000 KW-FK

For applications at the vehicle and under the vehicle (i.e. in the pit). For handling and filtration of the coolant.

Details 1000 KW-FK

Coolant recycling