Brake cleaning

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Leading automobile manufacturers recommend the modern, chemical-free, hot water low pressure cleaning system for brakes of passenger cars and utility vehicles. This method is the most accepted, most effective, most economical, most healthy and environmentally protective way of cleaning brakes, because all dangerous dust can be bound safely and be removed quickly and cleanly. The state of the art technique of the ph-cleantec hot cleaner for brakes allows non-stop operation. Flow heaters that only heat the effluent water ensure satisfactory dust binding and cleaning results. Heat up time even after the refilling of water are not longer required. The durable and user-friendly design helps to prevent operating errors and enables easy handling of the cleaner.


  • Quick and efficient brake cleaning
  • No damage of components in case of using sharp-edged tools
  • Healthy and environmental protective cleaning method
  • Mobile
  • Ready for operation without long heat-up times
  • No splash-back effects
  • Quick drying
  • Meets the requirements of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association regarding cleaning of brakes and use of solvents

Application videos

500/300 PW

Mobile hot cleaner for brakes, parts and motors as well as sectional chassis cleaning

Details 500 / 300 PW

1000 SC

Mobile universal hot cleaner for brakes and machines as well as sectional chassis cleaning

Details 1000 SC

1000 KW-FP

With waste water recycling. For applications at the vehicle and under the vehicle (i.e. in the pit)

Details 1000 KW-FP