Cleaning of Bicylces and Motorbikes

Applications / Requirements

  • Professional cleaning of bicycles in particular in rental and repair business

  • Professional cleaning of motorbikes in repair shops or in rental business

  • Suitable for all sorts and sizes of bicycles and motorbikes: From Vespa to Harley, from kids bike to racing bike, from mountain bike to e-bike

  • Fast and efficient – minimal expensive manual work

  • Gentle – no damages to coating, spokes, gear shift, battery of e-bikes...

  • Low investment costs

  • Cost-effective

Classical Solutions

  • Expensive manual labour – with garden hose and rags, in particular in difficult spots such as wheel hub, gear shift, inside of the brakes, ball bearings, gear wheels...

  • Expensive cleaning installations, sometimes including special installations for high pressure cleaners at a distance in tiled cleaning rooms with extra drainpipes

  • All-in-all much expensive manual labour and surprisingly high investments

Solution ph-cleantec

  • Low-pressure hot cleaner in combination with with suitable large collector and ramp

  • Bicycle or motorbike is pushed onto the large collector using a ramp, or lifted into the collector using a simple leveraging system or pulley

  • Large collector according to your needs – sizes from kids bicycle to carrier trike or recumbent bicycle, from Vespa to Harley Davidson

  • High temperature – up to 95°C (205 °F) – allow complete cleaning in a few mintutes, including oily and greasy parts, without damaging paint or plastic

  • Low pressure – up to 7.5 bar or up to 14 bar – is sufficient to clean off dirt, but causes no damages – not on the spokes of a racing bike nor on the battery of an e-bike

  • Enormous time savings due to fast and efficient cleaning process usind diverse lances and nozzles also in spots that are otherwise hard to get to

  • Investment for hot cleaning device and large collector generally significantly below €10.000

  • Further advantages:

    • Universal applicability – also for cleaning parts or components

    • Recycling of used water; no or very little chemistry and hence lower costs for A1-sprays; therefore very environmentally friendly

    • Needs little space, and no expensive installations

    • Mobile - hot cleaner is mobile, collector with wheels upon request

    • 95 °C cause disinfection of parts touched by customers such as handlebars, grips, saddle, gear shift, etc.

The ph-cleantec solution – fast, efficient, cost-efficient

Fast, efficient and cost-efficient bike cleaning with ph-cleantec low-pressure hot cleaner, mountain bike, racing bike, transport bike, kids bike, Dutch bike, e-bike