Helicopter cleaning

A helicopter essentially consists of 4 sections which are completely maintained / repaired, also separately, every 250 flying hours:

  • The hydraulic system
  • The mechanical system
  • The electronic system
  • The fuselage


Authorized methods up to now: cold water as well as 2 approved alkaline cleaning agents – cleaning by hand (larger surfaces partially with steam cleaner with cold water).

The hydraulic system: soiled with oils, greases and sand. Very complex placements with many lines and heavily accessible.


  • The electronic system: here was only cleaned in the area of the wires
  • The mechanical system: soiled with oils and sand
  • The fuselage: soiled with everything that can hit on a helicopter.
  • Cleaning with a temperature of 65° C.


Short declaration: The cleaned helicopters are 40 year old transport helicopters. L=18m H=4m B=4m (without rotor) At the moment there still exist 23 pieces. All of them are used in Afghanistan (flight there and back in a Tupolev).