Street lamp cleaning

Application / requirements

The street lamps, particularly the glass frame has to be cleaned regularly from soot spider webs and small animals or when exchanging the defective light bulbs.


Previous technology

Everything was cleaned manually by laborios handwork by means of a brush and rag. The time expenditure per lamp is approx. 60 minutes incl. disassembly, servicing and re-putting into Service. Strong chemicals and also high-pressure cleaners are not permitted, since the enterprises are urged to work environmentally friendly and without endangering passers-by.


A technically modified SRK with reduced heating and pump output. The systems are placed on a truck and are provided by means of a water tank; the electrical power is produced by an additional emergency power aggregate. With a sky-worker the employee goes up to a working height of approx. 7 meters equipped with a PI-brush and the necessary disassembly tools. For the cleaning only water is used.


  • Enormous profit of time and work comfort. The total time could be reduced from 60 minutes to under 15 minutes

  • No use of chemicals