Fire damage restructioning


For the elimination of fire damages soot, burned-in greases and oils as well as incrusted mixtures of dust/grease must be removed from the most different surfaces and materials. The dirty parts often have very difficult surface geometries.

Previous technique

Up to now different, extremely aggressive cleaning agents and a large amount of cloths are used for these applications. In particular cases high pressure cleaners are used.

Exhaust hood of a supermarket oven
Exhaust hood of a supermarket oven

Advantages when using low pressure hot cleaners

  • Also difficult part geometries are cleaned without problems.
  • It can be cleaned without aggressive chemicals and without mechanical reworking.
  • No damages caused by high pressure.

Abzugshaube eines Supermarktbackofens

Exhaust Hood of a Supermarket oven

Innenleben eines PCs

Inner working of a computer