Cleaning of tools with internal cooling


cleaning drill bits with internal cooling, milling drill with internal cooling, cleaning solid carbide drills

During the production or while the application of tools with internal cooling, the cooling channels need to be cleaned very neatly. However, the accessibility of the tight clearance holes is quite difficult with the conventional cleaning procedure.

Solution approach with ph-cleantec

The tools can be integrated in a compression fitting. On the opposite side the pistol is connected to the low pressure hot cleaning device.

With a pressure of 3 to 8 bar and 95°C hot water the cooling channels can be rinsed efficiently with a flush volume of ca. 1,8 l/min. The water can be added with alkaline detergent, if necessary.

Advantages with the ph-cleantec cleaning technology

  • High accessibility

  • Fast and simple change of tools

  • High efficiency

  • Universal procedure, inter alia for the machine cleaning and periphery