Cleaning of small arms

General information

Small arms normally consist of several individual assemblies and are disassembled into these component parts for cleaning. Especially residual oils of the conservation as well as residues of propellants, environmental pollution etc. have to be removed.
The geometries of the individual assemblies are complex and interlocked in a manner that they can be cleaned only superficially with the normal techniques.
Particularly for the weapon revision (police, forces etc.) a complete professional cleaning of the weapons is necessary. In this case all weapon parts are examined for capability of use, wear, microfractures etc.


A police headquarter in southern Germany uses a low-pressure hotcleaning-device for all cleaning tasks, which were done with a cold-cleaner washstand before.
In this case the aspect of cleaning „at the most impossible places“ was appreciated as a very positive benefit. Among other things a magazine is cleaned well inside through permanently fixed springs. Even in hard-to-reach places, like for example the central mechanic system in the frame, really good results are obtained with our technique. The fast drying of the parts due to the temperature as well as the temporary corrosion protection added to the used cleaning agents are estimated very much.
Of course weapon assemblies have to be cleaned also during production, e.g. barrels after honing etc.