Cleaning of hall ceilings

Working with oil-operated or emulsion-operated tool machines causes – particularly if these are not equipped with an oil mist separator – deposits of parts of the oil mist from the chip removal/forming at the hall ceilings. Through this they do not only get unsightly but also lose a lot of their light and heat reflective function. (in the picture the burnt-in oil deposits of two hardening plants!)

Since the halls are normally blocked with production plants and their peripheral systems the cleaning of the ceiling areas usually is really difficult. However, there is a good opportunity if the halls or partial areas are empty, for example because of a machine move.

Due to the low pressure and the high temperatures we could achieve very good and fast cleaning results with a 1000 SR with hose extension and with low addition of a cleaning agent with a temporary corrosion protection. Customer‘s conclusion: „outstanding efficiency, super result!“