Diesel particulate filters in forklifts

Technical basics

Diesel particulate filters serve for cleaning the exhaust air of diesel-powered forklifts from respirable carbon particles. They are mounted at the end of the exhaust system and provide:  Protection of the employee and environment as well as cleanness in the production The costs per piece are between € 350 – 800 (depending on size)

Russfilter an Gabelstapler_1

Diesel particulate filter before cleaning

Russfilter an Gabelstapler_2

Diesel particulate filter after cleaning and polishing of the brass cage with a so-called polishing linen cloth

Previous technology:

Cold cleaners and subsequent blowing-off with compressed air, better – but considerably more expensive – would be burn-off chambers!

Application / Requirement

  • Quick and efficient cleaning in the forklift workshop
  • High rinsing efficiency; particularly into the fine filter fabrics
  • Protection against respirable soot particles


  • Universal cleaning technology
  • No damage to sensitive components
  • Dust-binding wet cleaning