Bicycle cleaning

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Basic problem

Often bicycles are quite dirty when they are brought back to the rental shop or when they are taken to the bicycle repair shop.

As a result, service and repair works cannot be carried out professionally without prior cleaning. Otherwise, the workshop itself may be soiled, and special tools may be soiled or even damaged.

In addition, much time is lost to clean the bicycle, and afterwards the entire workplace needs to be cleaned after having repaired a dirty bike.

Previous technology

Bike cleaning

Conventional cleaning by means of a water hose or by hand with a cleaning rag or with the high-pressure cleaner from an „appropriate“ distance. Actually the high-pressure cleaner is taboo in this line of business since it causes more damages than offering a solution!


A quick and uncomplicated solution is required which is gentle as well as user-friendly! Furthermore in this line of business there is seldom sufficient place available to establish a great installation.


With the system of ph-cleantec we have an ideal solution for bike washing for bicycle fleets, including rental fleets. High temperature at low pressure requires low investment and yields perfect results!

Bike cleaning_Solution