Food mixers cleaning

Technical basics

Mixing of dressings and herbs in the food industry
>>> staff
>>> cleanness in the production
>>> cleaning without any residues

Functional principle

By mutually rotating mixing rotors the optimal and homogenous mixture of the food is ensured. Proper function can only be guaranteed by 100 % cleanness since the food which is mixed is highly concentrated. On the part of the manufacturer a thorough cleaning of the mixers must be carried out before switching over to an new product.


Fast, cost-effective, effective cleaning and no danger for the employees

Previous technology

Damp cloth and manual cleaning

Advantages of the ph-cleantec technology

  • Universal cleaning technology
  • Time saving by unnecessary laborious manual cleaning
  • High effectiveness, even in areas that are difficult to access
  • Damage-free cleaning even at sensitive components



after cleaning



soiled mixer.



A corresponding safety equipment is recommended for the cleaning. The concentration of thesubstances is very high.