Cleaning of confectionery packaging machines

Technical basics

  • These packaging machines are used in the food and luxury goods industry. The range of application goes from the candy production up to the chocolate production.
  • The small packing centers work in the branches of the food industry under the required hygienic basic conditions where cleanness is „supreme commandment“.
  • The machines are manufactured from different material components and in different sizes.

Reinigung von Konfekt - Verpackungsmaschinen_1

Reinigung von Konfekt - Verpackungsmaschinen_2


Maschine leicht vorbehandelt

(machine slightly pre-treated)

leichtes einsprühen mit langer Lanze

(slight spraying with long lance)

Previous technology

  • With the hot air gun (with the consequence of damaging component parts) the caramel is heated.
  • With a high-pressure cleaner (with the consequence of damaging component parts and extreme pollution of the
    environment) the hard caramel was broken off.
  • The use of hot water, putty knife, brush, rags and cleaning agents pretty often found their right to exist at the machine, under best efforts of the maintenance personnel.
  • Cleaning of the packaging plants was only possible under best efforts and great commitment of the maintenance
  • Cleaning was very time-consuming due to high attentiveness for damage-free cleaning.

Advantages of the ph-cleantec cleaning technology

  • Very high economy by universal cleaning technology
  • Cost-saving compared with the alternative technologies
  • Damage-free cleaning even at sensitive components
  • Universal cleaning technology
  • High effectiveness, even at heavily accessible places
  • High ease of use and flexibility of the cleaning technology
  • Hot water jet does not splash back since the operating pressure is adjustable
  • Compared with conventional methods better working results are obtained and the environment remains clean
  • The motivation of the specialist staff increases

Spülversuche mit SR-ST und - PT mit A-185 als Reiniger.

Rinsing tests with SR-ST and -PT

Hohe Spülleistung bis in die Fugen und Innensechskantköpfe der Schrauben

High rinsing performance up into the grooves and hexagon socket heads of the screws


Konfekt - Verpackungsmaschinen_Vorteil1

Konfekt - Verpackungsmaschinen_Vorteil2


Konfekt - Verpackungsmaschinen_Nachher