Cleaning in the processing of sausages

General information

  • The majority of the operational plants in an industrial butchery are filling and packaging plants.

  • The maintenance and servicing costs for these plants are enormous.

  • Animal fats and protein compounds can be cleaned.

  • The surroundings of the packaging plants gets kept clean by the median pressure cleaner
    (MPC, 30 to 70 bar, max. 100 l/min).

  • High pressure cleaner are not in use anymore, because the damage is too serious.

  • The water is generated by own processes and is approx. 60°C hot.

  • No disposal problem in the production area, due to draining, which carry the sewage in central fat separators.

  • Furthermore own big butcheries and sausage filling companies own also big truck fleet parks.


  • No Damage in den plants
  • Mobile, on-site usable
  • High accessibility
  • Can be used during the ongoing production
  • Replaces inconvenient and time-consuming cleaning by hand
  • Cleaning of the filling and packaging plants (drive trains) only with clear and hot water
  • Mincer and further tools are cleaned without residue from sausage meat
  • No/low splash effects
  • Can also be pre sprayed with the own cleaner
  • Repairs / Servicing of screw-conveyors, motors and superchargers, which usually cannot be dismounted due to its frame size, but need to be cleaned on-site