Pasta and noodle production

Pasta and noodle production

General information

For cleaning in food processing or producing enterprises special cleaning methods are prescribed for those installation parts coming in contact with the food. Foaming acidic cleaning agents and alkaline passivators have to be used. These regulations do not apply to areas which do not get in contact with the food!

A filling machine for fresh food (noodles) was cleaned, which was covered with splashes of edible oil as well as strongly resinous edible oil (also burned-in). The entire plant is up to now thoroughly cleaned approx. 2 – 3 times per year, the contact areas daily. Cleaning took place during a production stop. The used cleaning Agent was A-Turbo, partly as diluted agent, partly as pre-sprayed concentrated Agent.

Nudelherstellung_Verschließer Folienschweißer Vorher

(closing device, foil welding unit - before)

Nudelherstellung_Positioniersäulen Vorher



(positioning columns - before)




Pasta and noodle production (closing device, foil welding unit - before) (afterwards) (positioning columns - before) (afterwards) Conclusion of the enterprise: Cleaning with our technology offers a solution „for every day“ and it helps very efficiently to increase the status of cleanness as well as to reduce the time required for the basic cleanings! For the application in food contact zones a quick intermediate cleaning can be carried out by the high temperature using the own power cleaning agents.