Cleaning in dairies

General information

  • Most of the process plants of a dairy are filling and packaging machines.
  • The expenses for service and maintenance for these plants are immense. (Example dairy => 1/5 of the
    staff, approx. 120 of 700 employees)
  • When cleaning inside the plants the cleaning agent gets in contact with the milk product (here: no application of our technology => CIP => cleaning in place)

Reinigung in Molkereien_1

  • The surroundings of the packaging plants are always kept clean by
    medium-pressure cleaners (MPC) (due to the too low area capacity our system is unsuitable also in this case)
  • High-pressure cleaners are no longer used in the dairy since the damages are too serious. Instead, it is operated with medium pressure (30 up to 70 bar, max. 100 l/min)
  • The water is generated from the own processes and is approx. 60° C hot
  • No disposal problems, because drainages available in the production lead the sewage into the central fat separator. 
  • Moreover great dairies have large truck fleet (Example dairy: approx. 60 trucks and approx. 30 tank trucks)

Application fields

Cleaning in dairies
  • The drive systems of the packaging plants are highly complicated and sensitive
  • Soiling consists of oil and fat as well as slight production residues
  • They cannot be cleaned by means of high-pressure/medium-pressure cleaners, because otherwise the sensitive mechanical system would be damaged
  • Hand cleaning (brush/rag) is too time-consuming and complicated because of the complexity of the plants, particularly as the result might be satisfying only to a limited extent
  • Repair/maintenance of pumps, motors and compressors which cannot be disassembled because of their size must be cleaned on site
  • Utility vehicle workshop