Mineral water bottling

General information

Mineral water must be filled directly at the source. Transportation to external bottling factories is not permitted. In the bottling plants generally cleaning is effected with stationary medium pressure technologies by adding  foaming acidic cleaning agents and an alkaline passivator.


In principle bottles of glass or PET from the deposit system are used and refilled. These bottles are cleaned and examined for break or remained contaminations. During the cleaning also existing labels of the pre-filling are removed. Faulty or soiled bottles are sorted out.

Possible solutions

Particularly when cleaning in the sensitive installation parts like the labelling station (s.o.) and the lifting columns with the nozzle Systems for filling our technology will obtain better effects by higher temperature and lower pressure than the existing technology. In this case this Technology even would be counterproductive and harmful.

Advantages of the ph-cleantec cleaning technology

  • Optimal success and accessibility in the plants
  • Mobile and immediately available system
  • „Spontaneous use“ becomes possible without irrespective of the used cleaning agents in the central installation.
  • Since it is possible to do without cleaning additives the risk of contamination of the environment is excluded.