Cleaning in a fruit juice plant

General information

Fresh fruit, inter alia apples and pears, are delivered just in time. Due to the pressing the juice is generated of the fruits. The juice is bottled in the production plants.

Cleaning in a sweet cider factory, apple juice production, apple cider production in operation, conveyor belt apple cider


Principally the bottles made of glass are used from the deposit system and get refilled. These bottles are cleaned and get analyzed for glass breakage, respectively remaining soiling's. Regarding the cleaning, the existing labels of the previous fillings are also removed. Faulty or soiled bottles are rejected.

Cleaning of the output in a sweet cider factory, residue after cidre production, residue after apple juice production


Possible approaches

In particular, the cleaning of the conveyors and the cider presses demonstrates a very good cleaning possibility. Because glass breakages on the conveyors can arise easily, the cleaning need to proceed fast and clean without any chemicals. Even, after the pressing the plant need to be cleaned and rinsed.

Bottle roller conveyor in a sweet cider factory, bottle conveyor belt in apple juice production, cider bottling plant, cider bottling line, bottle cleaning



  • Optimal success and accessibility in the plants
  • Mobile and fast available system
  • „Spontaneous usage“ becomes possible, even without having consideration for the cleaner, which is used in the central plant
  • The risk of contamination of the surroundings is eliminated due to the possibility to spare cleaning agents