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In the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology cleaning belongs to the daily business. Not only the process-relevant zones, that means media contacting installation parts must be cleaned (CIP or SIP) but also peripheral components have to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Often complex filling and packaging installations resp. the real infrastructure such as compressors, conveyors, drives etc. are concerned. The type of soiling of such components ranges from the produced media and normal industrial oils resp. greases up to lime and other adhering substances.

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To clean such parts a mobile and flexible technique is necessary which primarily can do without additional chemical agents.

The ph-cleantec hot cleaning technology works with low pressure and hot water (up to 95° C).

Due to the integrated flow heater it is immediately ready for use. The available water tank and the mobile conception allow a high flexibility. The procedure can be used for all cleaning tasks because of the low pressure since it neither damages any components nor it affects remarkably the environment. Even complex drives and assemblies of filling and packaging installations can be cleaned easily and quickly – also during operation; with the long and narrow lance even heavily accessible places can be reached.

In addition, an optimally mounted-on parts cleaning surface permits the cleaning of components directly on-site. Long way times to central washing bays are superfluous. Furthermore the operator works environmentally friendly and health-protective because he primarily cleans with hot water.

In summary the ph-cleantec hot cleaning devices offer the following Advantages:

  • Use on-site directly at the plant
  • Can be used during operation of the plant
  • No damage to sensitive components
  • Suitable for the cleaning of the plants as well as the components
  • No special requirements to the environment
  • Apart from the power supply independent


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Cleaning of filter elements