Tool cleaning for extruder applications

General information

Extrusion means the processing of plastics



After extracting the fluid plastic it is pressed through a jet into aso called calibration (tool) which has the form of the final profile.During these thermal processes waxes are released or added as a lubricant. These waxes harden in the system and must therefore be cleaned.




Today the most varied profiles are manufactured by means of extrusion.Usually the material is cooled down in a water bath after deformation.

Advantages of the ph-cleantec cleaning technology

  • Optimal access in the complex toolsfor example the different cooling channels can be cleanedvery well with our tools

  • Our device can also be used directly in the system since usually the profile is cooled down in the water bath

  • No aggressive cleaning agents

  • An efficient and quick method compared to an ultrasonic bath

  • Corrosion protection can be added if needed

  • Mobile system