Spindle cleaning

General information

Spindles make very special demands on the cleaning technology due to their specific geometry and partly already installed electric motors or drive elements. The spindles shown here serve for opening and closing of smoke warning systems (SWS) as well as for positioning of workpiece carriers at the chip removal processing.

spindle cleaning, clean spindle, dirty spindle, soiled spindle


With alternative cleaning methods disassemblies of electric motors and a coding of spindle and electric motors as a matching assembly become necessary. Furthermore the required cleanness both at the spindles and at the spindle counter-bearings is only obtained with cleaning by hand or with our technology.

Advantages of the ph-cleantec cleaning technology

spindle cleaning, clean spindle, dirty spindle, soiled spindle, difficult parts to clean
  • Optimal success and accessibility in the spindle threads
  • Our device can directly be used in the production. Distance and reloading
    times to the washing station can be reduced considerably.
  • The cleaning agent contains a highly efficient corrosion protection (D 2100)
  • Compared with ultrasonic bath or washing machine an efficient and quick
  • Device is also suitable for cleaning of tool machines operating with
  • Mobile system without special requirements regarding location of use

Spray accessories

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